Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[CANCELED] 2nd Annual ICT Security Africa Summit

Name: 2nd Annual ICT Security Africa Summit
Location: La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana
Date: September 20-23, 2011
Evans Information: Keynote Speaker
Contact Information: <removed>

Status: As of August 24, Greg Evans is no longer speaking at this conference. WIN.

2011 Techno Forensics Conference

Name: 2011 Techno Forensics Conference
Location: Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Date: October 31-November 1, 2011
Evans Information:
Contact information: Jane Kirkpatrick +1 (603) 672-9997 ext. 108; Sharon Coddington +1 (603) 672-9997 ext. 107

Status: Entry created 8/31/2011. As of August 31, Greg Evans is still on the conference agenda.

Update (from jericho at Evans is a sponsor, and as such gets one speaking slot. A source close to the conference has told that upon removing Evans, he resorted to legal threats and they added him back.

ISSA and ISACA are two orgs that are involved and giving out VIP passes for entry. If one of those orgs complained, it may have more weight. In addition, people mailing to complain should indicate if the presence of Evans affected their choice to attend or skip it.

We have sent them mail encouraging them to get payment for the sponsorship up front, before he speaks.


The sole purpose of this blog is to collect, track, and publish the speaking engagements of the World's #1 Hacker, Mr. Gregory D. Evans of LIGATT Security. Just in case you wanted to contact a conference and let them know about Mr. Evans' l33t hax0r skills, we felt obligated to provide that information for you.

We rely on people in the community just like you to find information and submit it to us.  Your best bet at this point is to tag your tweets with #LIGATTSPEAK. If necessary, we'll ask for more information.

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